Software Privacy Policy

This is the Software Privacy Policy of Hobbyist Developer Tools and Softwares.

General Information

We, at Hobbyist Developer, are committed to protect your privacy as a customers who are licensed to use our Software.

What information do we collect?

When offering our Softwares on the Microsoft Store, you may leave individually identifiable information, namely information that identifies you as an individual or a company.

How we use the information we collect?

Your information might help us to respond more effectively to your service requests and support needs.
Hobbyist Developer will not use personal data to try and contact you directly or send you any unrequested information or advertisement.
We will NOT communicate via mail, email or phone call any periodic informational or promotional content.

With whom we share the information we collect?

If we ever had to receive your Personal Information in the context of supporting our Softwares, those will NOT be sold, exchanged, transferred or given to any company with the exception of Microsoft for the purpose of supporting you as our customer.